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The BBC Philharmonic presents an evening of exhilarating music with Rise and Shine at The Bridgewater Hall

On Sat 23 Mar, the BBC Philharmonic presents a soaring programme of rich, invigorating orchestral arrangements with Rise and Shine, a dazzling celebration of sunrise, optimism and indomitable spirit guaranteed to delight classical enthusiasts and first-time audiences alike at The Bridgewater Hall.

Featuring one of the most vibrant, glorious openings in the classical canon, Strauss’s triumphant musical take on Nietzsche’s Also sprach Zarathustra delivers a maelstrom of Gregorian chants, Viennese waltz and mathematical puzzles, while Mozart brings an intense pace to proceedings with the wildly charismatic Sturm and Drang of his Symphony No. 25 in G Minor. Taking centre stage, Bruch’s First Violin Concerto imbues the evening with lush melody, captivating folk rhythms and aching romance in a work of boundless imagination and breathtaking grace.

Click here to book tickets to Rise and Shine at The Bridgewater Hall.


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